Adding Curiosity to Your Co-Teaching Mix from Middle Web. 9/01/2015

"Some teachers enter this co-teaching realm with open minds and hearts, while others make the choice to use their energies to build walls—making co-teaching a challenging situation for all involved. This post is dedicated to ALL co-teachers—in fact it’s a must read! Because, you see, I am about to share ONE powerful key to co-teaching success!"

Creating the Context for Growth Mindsets in the Classroom from Education Week. 9/17/2014

"What do teachers do to create memorable connections? I think it boils down to one common theme: making students feel the learning process. Great teachers guide us to connect emotionally with our learning journeys. Most importantly, these teachers foster a growth mindset within the classroom."

The Importance of Being a Mindful Co-Teacher from Middle Web. 9/01/2014

"My [school] district launched a summer program called the Smithtown Resiliency Program C.A.M.P...the main focus was on naturally embedding a growth mindset and Social Emotional Learning experiences that will help students become more strategic, mindful learners."

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