Resilience and Empowerment Training

The Project Presence Resilience and Empowerment Training Program (RET)

The RET program places great emphasis on idea that people and communities are naturally healthy and whole. The training's are conducted in a small group format 10-14 participants in 8-10 weekly sessions. These session generally run for 120-150 minutes in length. These trainings are ideal for communities and organizations looking to support personal and professional whole person integrative development. The programs teach an array of mind-body practices for self-care, conflict resolution, empowerment, and resiliency. 

Core Philosophies

Together, through the teaching of mindfulness, self-compassion, and loving-kindness practices, we learn to bring a quality of awareness that is non-judgmental and compassionate, and that opens one to experiencing one’s life more fully. 

One begins to live within one’s present moment and life more fully, with an acceptance of all emotional, bodily, and cognitive states that arise. This acceptance and self-love then transforms these states into conditions that are easily assimilated, and thereby no longer have the power to control us (Or in more common parlance, we can “manage” our emotions and thoughts). These practices thus equip us to approach life’s challenges with an intelligent response, rather than with less aware, more painful, knee-jerk reactions.

 Self-care is about learning to consciously, intentionally take action to maintain physical, mental, and emotional health for ourselves, in order that we can better meet the needs of those we serve. 

Participants will learn self-care strategies for their own personal and professional wellness that have the power to influence and transform any organization and community. This can help prevent burnout, compassion fatigue, and other stress related conditions while also creating and supporting a caring and compassionate living/working/learning environment.

 Ideal Communities and Organizations Served by this training:

  • Education (K-12 and higher ed)
  • Families who experience (traumatic loss, addiction, and mental health conditions)
  • Corporate Settings (Team Building and Workplace Disruptions)
  • Community-based Health Centers (chronic illness, preventative and integrative medicine approaches)
  • Residential programs (at-risk youth, substance abuse, and mental health conditions) 

 Resiliency and Empowerment Training is developed by Project Presence Faculty with the organization's served in order to ensure the program can best address the uniqueness of the community. These programs are not provided in single day workshops. If you are interested in learning more about this work or are interested in bringing this work to your community and/or organization please contact us today. 

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