Social and Emotional Learning

The Project Presence model for Social and Emotional learning consists of a series of organizational and systemic approaches to support the integration of evidence informed SEL approaches into educational organizations including: before and after-school programs, summer enrichment programs, institutions of higher education, and elementary and secondary schools. The Project Presence Model signature programs consist of a comprehensive training for educators and on- and off-site consultation for administrators, directors, and program/project managers. 

 Signature Program

Comprehensive SEL Training provides 30-50 hours of professional development training for educators. The program consists of three core pedagogical methods within integrative whole-person development domains. The core pedagogical methods are  delivered in small-group setting and also include individualized health and wellness coaching, and SEL integrated coaching. 

The ten integrative whole person development domains are: Exercise, Movement and Health, Integrative Nutrition, Imagery and Health, Deep Listening and Close Reading for Stronger Relationships, Emotion Regulation, Compassion Training, Interpersonal Neurobiology and Memory, Teacher Self-care, Mindfulness, Attention, and Stress Reduction. 


 Participants will Learn:

 · Application and integration of movement in class-room instruction

 · Strategies to assess and support emotional literacy for students

 · Mindfulness-based strategies for stress reduction for students

 · Overview of stress-response impact on attention, memory, affect, and learning

 · Ethical aspects of Teacher Self-care

 · Development and implementation of professional self-care plan

 · Strategies and approaches to prevent burnout and compassion fatigue

 · Application and integration of deep listening skills for class-room instruction

 · Close reading practices and reflective writing for SEL development

 · Experiential Learning practices for student SEL development (role play, drama-based, dance-based 

 · Active and Reflective Listening skill development for Learning Relationships

 · Motivational Interviewing techniques to engage learners

 · Strategies for supporting growth mindsets

 · Psychosocial variables of Somatic Complaints and learning


Area's of Consultation Include:

  •  Strategies to Engage Community Stakeholders
  •  Development of SEL Standards and Meaningful Assessment
  •  Adoption of Evidence Informed Practices
  •  SEL Design and Implementation
  •  Organizational Support
  •  Community Needs Assessment
  •  Monitoring of SEL Integration and Outcomes
  •  Focus Groups
  •  Teacher Health and Wellness Programming




***Please note this is not a business practice derived turn key model, however this work places great emphasis on shifting organizational climate toward positive, substantive, and meaningful change. For further information please contact our Team. 


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