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Summer Resilience Academy

Social Emotional Learning

The Summer Resilience Academy program is designed to enhance students’ academic and social/emotional learning skills is facilitated by a diverse group of enthusiastic and dedicated educators. This program was developed through a collective effort between Project Presence and Smithtown Central School District. Participants of the program take part in developing their own learning experience according to the program’s core values, resulting in learners who are more:

· Purposeful and self-motivated

· Creative, resourceful and knowledgeable

· Resilient and goal-directed

· Introspective, empathetic,  and compassionate

These aims are accomplished through opportunities that support:

· Academic support in core subject areas

· Development of a “growth mindset”

· Digital media and technology skill building

· Self-management, social and self awareness, and goal-setting

· Personalized instruction that address the whole child

· Meaningful use of small class sizes

· Team building, relationship skills, and conflict resolution

· Genius Hour (student-driven research projects on their own passions)

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